GP (Great Power) Model Engines are designed by Fergus Lin and Masa Lin.
Masa and Fergus are very experienced pilots from Asia, they have participated in several international model aircraft competitions such as Futaba XFC and F-3A world cup’s. Fergus started to fly at the age of 6 years, learning from his father Masa Lin. Masa whio is also a very experienced modeler with over 43 years experience in aero modeling. This father and son combination has won every competition in Taiwan.
All the components of our GP engines are manufactured by specialized company’s .To mention some: Bearings from SKF, piston rings from Riken, Walboro carburetors, NGK spark plug, Most of the parts are designed and made with the latest innovations in CNC technology and Materials research.
We have worked together with some of the largest manufactures in the industry who put innovation and know how into our products to achieve a reliable and high quality engine and aftermarket products. These Manufactures make parts for Rotax ,Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Piaggio. Because of this, we assure that our quality and performance will be as good as any German or USA made engine!
Pilots know exactly what pilots need.
GP engines are designed by pilots and built for pilots!